The Long Way Sessions

by Dava Klein

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The official solo debut


released 01 January 2014



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Track Name: Whiskey Blues
Half a fifth of whiskey and it's my favorite night
I was never good at keeping anything around
I gambled all I had
There is goes, up in smoke real fast all night long

Working on the streets of nowhere for far too long
I've stumbled into a hypnotic apocalyptic zoo
Something has been slipped in my drink cause I'm feeling confused

Sleeping in the night is hardest to do these days
When you spend the entire day digging your grave

I was drowned laying face down in the mud
Saw a screen with nothing playing I knew that'd be my life soon
If I didn't change
The fire in the sky doesn't help me at night

I know you never cared that much but I'm gonna stay

I got the whiskey blues
Whiskey blues
Talking about the
Whiskey blues
I'm so blue without you
Track Name: Sea Of Sorrow
Everything about this, Place weighs me down
That's why I pretend I'm somewhere else

Maybe china or maybe Rome,
Some distant place to make my own

The dreams we used to share
Became nightmares
And the love we had
Vanished in thin air

This place makes me tired
It is always the same
In a sea of sorrow

Before it begin
Before the flood
And all this rain
We were living under the sun

Everything I can't explain
Is all I want to know
And it's all I can do
It is all I can say

Until the fire is burnt out
when the daylight hits the ground
There will never be a sound
We will play games

Traveling around sleeping outside the town
Under the moon drinking wine
Everything is fine as long as you
Don't cross the line
Its more cold than I thought

Because I'm giving
All I have
Its Abandon
Promise made
Are first to break
All I can do now
Is look the other way
Track Name: Long Way
It's a long way today
I won't lie
You can go when you want to
If that's what you like that's all right

Just don't go back to Boston
Don't go out of sight
It's summer here in the garden

It's a long way
Its a long way, hey hey hey
It's a long way

It's the only way
You can take that train out of town
Or burn out in the sun

Just don't let them make your choices
Don't believe their words
Don't go

It's a long way
Its a long way, hey hey hey
It's a long way

You try to hold on to
Everything you can't take
The road is covered in miles
Of all the places you'd stay

It's a long way
Its a long way, hey hey hey
It's a long lonely day, I'm so far away
It's a long way
Track Name: Slow Down
Said she is leaving town
Going to change her mind
There is too much on the line
Never enough time

We’ve had our fun
Chasing the sun
I’ve lost my way
How can I say

Hey hey hey
Hey hey hey

Driving all night
I wanna make it right
If too much has changed
I’ll never love again

Hey hey hey
Hey hey hey

Further away
Further away
Further away
There is nothing more

Hey hey hey
Hey hey hey